Physical  Disabilities

We provide high-quality disability care for adults and children with wide-ranging issues and conditions.

Offering support inside and outside the home, our highly-trained staff have the key aim of helping our clients to enjoy as active and fulfilled lives as possible. While we work to help adults in our care maintain independent, productive lives, we know too that our younger clients need to enjoy fun-filled childhoods, despite any disability.

Whether we’re caring for clients in their own homes or a residential facility, we encourage them to contribute to the choices and decisions related to their care when they can, allowing them to feel in control of their lives. We utilise a ‘person-centred’ approach when compiling our care programmes, consulting with broader family, friends and medical professionals to ensure we’re offering bespoke care to each client. In instances where clients are not older enough to make decision for themselves or do not possess the mental capacity, we will always look to make those decisions on their behalf in their own interests.

We pair each care assistant according to the client’s circumstances and requirements. In those instances where a client’s behaviour may be challenging, we’ll employ carers with the respective training while working to maintain the client’s dignity and respect. At the end of the day, it’s vital we’re pairing clients with carers who they can trust and build a relationship with. .

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